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Kibbutz Yiron is located on a basalt plateau at 700 meters above sea level, on the Lebanese border. Yiron’s geographic location provides a comfortable climate during most months of the year, and a moderately cold winter, occasionally with some snow.

The kibbutz was founded after the war of independence, on the 20th of May 1948, as part of a chain of settlements along the border with Lebanon. Its founding members came from movements such as the Scouts, the Palmach’s “Yiftach” regiment and the “Freedom Pioneer” (“Dror Ha-Chalutz”) movement from Egypt. Over the years the founding members were joined by “Nachal” groups from the Israeli army, members of various youth movements, sons and daughters of other kibbutzim, and families from Israel and abroad.

Yiron’s population counts some 400 members, youth, residents and children.

Kibbutz Yiron maintains a collective lifestyle emphasizing mutual responsibility whilst promoting a communal neighborhood for residents and sons and daughters who chose to leave the kibbutz way of life.

Yiron belongs to the “Me-uchad” kibbutz movement, and municipally to the Upper Galilee Regional Council. The kibbutz is at an approx. 30 minutes drive from towns and places such as Tzfat, Karmiel, Ma’alot, Tefen, Kiriat Shmona, the Tel-Chai Community College, Hatzor and Rosh-Pina.


Economic system

Yiron’s economic strength stems from a variety of quality enterprises based on industry, agriculture and tourism. In addition, kibbutz members and residents are employed in a large variety of professions outside the kibbutz.



Paskal Technologies Ltd.; Located at the Ma’a lot Industrial Area, the company deals with the innovation, production, marketing and export of plastic binding accessories for agriculture and horticulture.

Paskal Plastic Injected Zip Fasteners produces and markets zip fasteners, dealing mainly with export to the marine industry all over the world.

Yiron Furniture is Israel’s leading manufacturer of furniture for self-assembly such as cabinets, book cases, desks, cupboards etc. The company also runs the “Sleep-In”, a large showroom/store of bedroom furniture.

The Galil Mountain Winery is a joint enterprise between Yiron and “Golan Wines”. The winery is located just outside of the kibbutz’s gate and produces wines from  Upper Galilee vineyards owned and run by Yiron itself, as well as Malkiya, Yiftach, Misgav Am and Meron. The winery also has a large store and a Visitors Center featuring guided tours and wine tasting.

C-Boot is a newly founded company in the medical field, dealing with products providing solutions for edema and poor blood circulation in the legs.



“Shalva Al Ha-Har” (“Mountain Tranquility”) features 38 rooms for couples and families, also provides its services to groups, conferences etc.

“Agam Chai”; A small natural lake surrounded by Yiron’s mini-zoo and recreational area with a wide variety of animals and activities (petting area, fishing, picnic area, pedaling boats).



Orchards; Yiron has 1550 dunam of orchards cultivating a variety of fruits such as apple, kiwi, pear, cherry and more. After each year’s harvest, the fruit is selected, stored and packed at the “Pri Psagot” packing plant.

In addition, the kibbutz has some 300 dunam of vineyards were grapes for “Galil Mountain” wines are grown.

“Pri Psagot” (“Summit Fruits”) is the cold storage and packing plant under the joint ownership of Yiron with three other kibbutzim – Sasa, Malkiya and Yiftach. From here, the fruit is marketed under the logo of “Pri Be-Resheet”.

Field Crops; 2500 dunam of field crops are grown in the Chula Valley. Whereas in the past mainly cotton was grown, at present the crops consist of produce such as potatoes, tomatoes, flower bulbs for export, corn and peanuts.

Poultry; Yiron’s hen houses produce a yearly 1200 ton of poultry in 6.5 dunam of controlled hen houses. The produce is marketed by yet another joint company called “Galilee Poultry”, which is owned by 30 kibbutzim.

“Alon” Nursery; The nursery specializes in the growth of trees in barrels.



“Zoom”; Documentation and preservation of personal, family and public history in photographs, video, and internet sites.




Community Services

Yiron maintains high standards of community participation on all levels of community/social services offered to its members and residents;



In all, 120 children in different age groups enjoy a comprehensive educational system that is active all year round and covers for both formal and informal education each day until 16:00 hrs.



Day care for babies from 3 months old to approx. 1 year old in the Baby House, followed by the Toddler Home and Kindergarten.


Elementary School;

The “Psagot” Elementary school is run and owned by Yiron. At present approx. 100 children from Yiron and other settlements in the area attend “Psagot”. The school’s credo is based on the point of view that each child is unique and able to achieve its individual best through experience yielding education. Therefore, the school encourages personal growth according to the abilities of each child, a sense of responsibility and choice of curriculum, and active social and environmental involvement. Based on these principles, the school provides an environment in which the children are free to explore, develop and nurture their individual skills and intelligence.

The “Psagot” school  is an integral part of the community and operates under constant dialogue between the children, teachers and staff, parents and community members.


High School; Yiron’s youth study at the regional “Anne Frank” High School in kibbutz Sasa located at a 10 minute drive from Yiron.


Informal Education;

The kibbutz’s informal educational system operates in the after school hours during afternoon and evening, on Fridays and during school holidays.

For the elementary school children, activities take place in two separate houses as they are divided in two age groups (6-9 and 9-12). The high school youth also have their place of meeting during the after school hours in the Youth House that is supervised by educational guides. In addition, kibbutz children and youth from 4th to 12th grade participate in activities sponsored by the “Ha Noar Ha-Oved Ve-Ha-Lomed” (“The working and studying Youth” movement)



Yiron maintains an active and varied cultural agenda;

All the jewish holidays are celebrated in collective fashion. The “Member’s Club” opens on weekends and holidays and provides a social meeting point for the entire population.

Several times a year, communal outings are organized by members of the kibbutz as many enjoy elaborate hiking trips in particular.

Many members enjoy a subscription to the performing arts in theaters/performing halls in kibbutz Bar-Am and Sasa.

Theater shows, movies, contemporary dance, and social activites for all ages are also featured in the “Tarbut Ba-Har” (“Culture on the Mountains”) program – a “cultural cooperative” initiated by kibbutzim Yiron, Bar-Am, Sasa and Malkyia.

In addition, the kibbutz offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities for its children and youth; Yiron’s children participate in individual and team sports where some children achieved results on a national level; Others can be found in fields of interest such as ballet, contemporary dance, and musical and song companies around the area.

Yiron also has its own sport hall and work out/weight room for those interested.


Health and Social Services

The Health and social service system includes the local clinic that belongs to Israel’s general health insurance program. The clinic has opening hours on all days of the week and medical staff on call for emergencies outside of opening hours.

The kibbutz’s General Practitioner receives patients twice a week in the Yiron clinic, and the dentist three times a week.

Yiron’s “Field Nanny” takes care of the special needs of elderly members and/or people who are either temporarily or permanently disabled in one way or another.


Various other services

In line with the kibbutz way of life, Yiron offers various basic services to its members and residents:  the Dining Room serves three meals a day, the Laundry operates six days a week. During the summer months, the swimming pool is open all week long. Other facilities include the kibbutz library, weight room, tennis court, soccer field, playgrounds, garage,  welding shop, mini-market (“Kol-Bo”), beautician, hairdresser, and more.



חסר רכיב